7 Ingredients That Make a Modern Luxury House

The term luxury may mean different things when put in different contexts; but when we link this term to real-estate – you may think “Wow, this one should be extra-ordinary or superior!” So, what exactly defines a modern luxury house, anyways? Is it determined by the location, square footage, amenities, price, or a perfect balance of all of these?
Today, everyone wishes to invest in a home that has all the features that make it aesthetically appealing, gives the feeling of comfort, and brings in value for their investment. A high price tag alone doesn’t always put a property in this category; hence, it is crucial to understand what elements characterize a modern luxury house before investing in one.
Building on this today we outline the 7 most important ingredients that make a modern luxury house. Read on!


1. Prime Location


Of course, the location of the property is one of the most important elements defining ‘Luxury’ in modern homes. Huge traditional homes in small cities or the ones in the peripheries of metro cities do not really qualify as luxury. Hence, the location of the property has to be coveted, expensive and aspiring in every sense.
Unquestionably location is #1 and matters the most. When it comes to the location of modern luxury homes, these are in areas are which are constantly expanding, evolving and offer a comfortable life, and ensure healthy appreciation.


2. Premier Quality


In modern luxury homes, construction materials, finishes, appliances, and design everything cuts above what is normally considered standard. Marble, hardwood, imported flooring materials,monitor-sensor lighting, internet-connected security cameras, cutting-edge network-connected systems, equipment and appliances have all become common components of luxury homes.


3. Luxe Amenities


Amenities is one of the most common elements that everyone looks for when evaluating a property. From exquisite clubhouses, in-house badminton/tennis courts to arcade rooms and jacuzzi pools, modern-day luxury homes incorporate the most exquisite amenities which sets them apart from other properties.


4. Space


Location, quality, and amenities are important; now let’s move into the property and focus on the Space inside your home. Buying a modern luxury home with a branded developer who offers exquisite amenities but tiny spaces to live in may not be a modern luxury house. Here we are indicating living spaces that are open and let you move and play around freely.


5. Safety and Security


A luxury home has plenty of things that can attract unwanted attention. Because high-end houses are the prime targets of criminals looking to hit big, home security provisions are one of the extraordinary elements of modern luxury homes. And here, luxury homes go beyond the simple alarm set-ups. Internet-connected CCTVs covering every inch of the property, fire exits, and clear evacuation plans – every aspect of these properties are carefully planned and set up.


6. Privacy


High-end buyers like their home to be a true sanctuary. Hence, privacy is a top requirement. In modern luxury homes, this can be afforded with lawn areas, high walls, foliage for cover, and gated entrances with security guards. These privacy elements keep the looky-loos away from staring in or making a ruckus that might disturb the concord.


7. Developer’s Reputation


Investing in a luxurious property involves the investment of money you really sweated hard earning your entire life. In such a situation, you would surely love zeroing on margins for error. If you are next in line to invest in real estate, do consider the following pointers when evaluating a developer’s reputation:
Established credentials.


– Projects meet the legal bondage
– Flawless construction
– Quality control
– Amenities offered to make that big difference
– Meeting project deadlines


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The Bottom Line


‘Luxury’ may mean many different things, so instead of robotically swooning over a certain listing boasting this term, pay close attention to the features you are keen to have in a home to find the one you’d love to call home.


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